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Grading & Sodding

Grading & Sodding

When it comes to growing a lush green lawn for your home, nothing offers better
results than professional grading and sodding services.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between grading and sodding and seeded lawns? Sod is professionally grown on specialty sod farms, where high quality soil is used, and the sod itself is watered and fertilized throughout the growing cycle to ensure the sod grows thick and strong. It’s because of this growing process that sod is much stronger than seeded lawns.

So how will your landscape benefit from grading and sodding instead of laying grass seed? Imagine trying to keep your kids and dog off the freshly seeded area – it’s almost impossible. But if you use sod, you’ll have a beautiful lawn for your whole family to enjoy almost instantly. Not only is sod durable, it has extremely strong roots which grow right into the topsoil that the landscape professionals at AllStar have prepared by grading the area.

Why is grading so important?

If you’ve ever had a leaky basement, you know why grading is important. Grading the ground around the foundation of your house to slope away from your home ensures that there is proper drainage. A proper slope will allow the water to drain away from your house, and not into your basement. Rain water leaders can also be installed – these down pipes run underground in your lawn to a weeping bed system. Not only is this an ecofriendly method to water your lawn, it also keeps the water away from your home.

How do the experts at AllStar grade?

Grading is a skill that requires experience and patience. Grading stakes are used to mark grade levels by a surveyor. Then bobcats, shovels and racks are used to grade the clay base. Topsoil is then added as the final grade. Specific grading elevations are required by the city to ensure proper drainage. Call us for a quote: (780) 222-8758.

Don’t forget to water your new lawn

Within the first few weeks of having your new lawn installed, it will begin to take root. During this time it’s important to water it regularly to ensure it continues to thrive.

Contact AllStar today for premium residential grading and sodding services including:

  • Sod removal and disposal from your home
  • Application of soil amendments to insure a lush and healthy new lawn
  • Landscape quality sod supplied
  • Professionally graded landscape and installed sod
  • Newly installed sod is rolled and your property is left in perfect condition