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How to Remove Graffiti and Other Wall Stains

Graffiti is writing and/or drawings painted or sprayed onto walls or property without the owner’s prior permission. Sometimes, the graffiti ‘artist’ may just spray random words, or often it can be more elaborate, almost part of a campaign. You may find related graffiti on other nearby buildings and properties. It is a common and annoying irritant in cities across the world and something the business owners have to constantly fight against. Often the frequency and amount of graffiti can depend on the presence of security or good lighting at the particular property. However, one thing is certain, graffiti can tarnish the appearance of your business to the public and cause for an unsightly eyesore.

How to remove graffiti

Fortunately, graffiti can be removed but you do need to call in the professionals. Heavy duty pressure washing is what is required to remove the graffiti completely. You should aim to find a cleaning company that specializes in this sort of work as you can get some companies who will have the equipment but not necessarily the know-how to fully remove the offending graffiti. It is better to invest in a company that has highly skilled professionals who will provide a service to fully complete the job so that in the long run it will save you time and money.

Other things such as general city smog and rainwater can also stain or dirty your property walls. These are not as abrasive or unsightly as the more obvious graffiti stains but nonetheless they can make a property look dull, dark and uninviting. These stains are easier to clean and won’t require as intense cleaning as graffiti removal would. It is a good habit to get into to insist on having your property pressure washed annually. The results will be visible immediately and make the property more enticing and professional looking to customers, employees and the general public.

When looking for a pressure washing company you should bear the following in mind and insist that the service company you take on has these at their disposal:

  • The equipment to clean all size buildings from residential, commercial, strata, industrial, high-rise and low rise buildings
  • Hot or cold water methods of pressure washing
  • For high-rise properties the company should have – Swing stage, Bosun Chair, Manlift access
  • For low-rise the company should have– ladder, Manlift, extension poles
  • Concrete stain removal equipment
  • Graffitti removal equipment
  • Parkade cleaning equipment
  • Specialty cleaning equipment for the more difficult stains