Edmonton Pressure Washing Services

When it comes to heavy duty pressure washing services, count on Allstar for the best service in Edmonton. Our pressure washers are operated by highly skilled professionals provide service to a wide range of applications that will save you time and money. From graffiti and concrete stain removal, to high and low-rise building needs, Allstar has the solution you need. Our commitment to excellence and customer service means that we won’t leave the site until you are completely satisfied.

Our mobile power washing services include:

  • Concrete stain removal

  • Graffiti removal

  • Parkade cleaning

  • Power sweeping

  • Speciality cleaning

  • Rig mat cleaning

Edmonton Pressure Washing FAQ

We’ve provided the answers to some common questions about our commercial landscaping services. For any other questions please call our team or request a callback!

We offer parking lot services for a variety of customers that include:

  • Retail shopping centres and malls
  • Apartment and condo complexes
  • Industrial complexes
  • Office buildings

As with many of our services the cost can vary depending on the size and difficulty of your project. Pressure washing costs are often based on simple square footage but we’ll take the time to understand your project and deliver a custom no-obligation quote.

Not every job requires chemicals. However, for tough projects we make every effort to select cleaning products that are safe and environmentally friendly.

The quality of pressure washing equipment along with selections of cleaning products, pressure, and temperature all factor into an effective long-lasting clean. With over 10 years of experience Allstar Cleaning will make sure your surface gets an expert clean without damaging your property. Be sure to check out our commercial window cleaning services as well.

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