Parking Lot Line Painting Edmonton

Allstar cleaning is equipped to paint your parking lot lines professionally and affordably. Parking lot line painting / striping is a great and easy way to make your parking lot look new and stand out. Whether you desire a fresh coat of paint for your parking lot or need brand new lines, Allstar can help. Give your parking lot a complete makeover with our full suite of parking lot maintenance services.

Expert line painting for:

  • Parkades and parking garages

  • Parking lots

  • Bike lanes

Parking Lot Line Painting FAQ

We’ve provided the answers to some common questions about our parking line painting services. For any other questions please call our team or request a callback!

We use quality quick-drying paints that can be ready for traffic in as little as 20-30 minutes.

Parking stall size varies but the average size is 9′ wide and 18′ long.

There’s a couple things you can do in advance to make your line painting go as smoothly as possible. Ensure you’ve had a parking lot sweeping completed to remove any gravel and debris. Plan to have as few vehicles parked in the lot as possible during painting to avoid stoppages and disruption.

Our competitive rates vary based on project size, difficulty, and materials being used. Tell us more about your line painting project and we’ll provide upfront pricing to get it done.

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