Reliable Snow Removal Services

Few places in the world understand the value of snow removal services like Edmonton. At Allstar, we provide prompt, reliable and affordable snow removal and snow plowing services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. From the first snowfall to the last, you can rest assured that all of your snow removal needs will be automatically taken care of. Remove the hassle that accompanies a long Edmonton winter. Are you a local business owner? Remove the liability concerns that accompany a dangerous, snow-packed property by providing a safe environment for your staff and patrons.

Snow Plowing: We utilize state-of-the-art snow plows and equipment to efficiently clear snow from parking lots, driveways, access roads, and other paved surfaces on your property. Our skilled operators meticulously remove snow, creating clear and safe pathways for vehicles and pedestrians.

Sidewalk Clearing: Our team clears snow and ice from sidewalks, walkways, entryways, and other pedestrian areas using specialized equipment such as snow blowers, shovels, and ice melt products. We ensure safe passage for pedestrians and minimize slip and fall hazards.

Salting and De-Icing: We apply salt, sand, or de-icing agents to parking lots, walkways, and other surfaces to prevent ice formation and improve traction during freezing conditions. Our proactive approach helps reduce the risk of accidents and liabilities associated with icy surfaces.

Hauling and Disposal: In cases of heavy snow accumulation or limited storage space, we offer snow hauling and disposal services to remove excess snow from your property. Our team safely transports snow off-site for proper disposal, maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of your premises.


The most common questions

who do you offer snow removal for?
what equipment do you use?
Do you offer parking lot sanding as well?
Do I need to be on-site for snow removal?