Expert Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

We specialize in professional lawn care services for condo buildings, apartment complexes, and commercial properties. With Allstar Cleaning you get reliable scheduled lawn maintenance that’s affordable and hassle-free so you have one less thing to worry about.

Lawn Mowing: Our skilled team utilizes commercial-grade mowers and equipment to mow and trim your lawn to the desired height, ensuring a neat and uniform appearance. We tailor our mowing schedule to accommodate the growth patterns of your grass and maintain optimal lawn health.

Edging: We provide precise edging along sidewalks, driveways, flower beds, and other landscape features to create clean and defined borders. Edging enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property and prevents grass encroachment onto paved surfaces.

Trimming and Pruning: We trim and prune shrubs, bushes, hedges, and other ornamental plants to promote healthy growth, maintain shape and appearance, and prevent overgrowth. Our meticulous trimming techniques enhance the overall beauty of your landscape and contribute to a polished look.

Weed Control: We implement targeted weed control strategies to effectively manage and eliminate weeds from your lawn and landscape beds. Our methods include manual weed pulling, spot treatments, and pre-emergent herbicide applications to prevent weed growth.

Fertilization and Soil Treatment: We provide tailored fertilization and soil treatment programs to nourish your lawn and promote strong, vibrant growth. Our soil analysis helps determine the specific nutrient needs of your lawn, ensuring optimal soil health and plant vigor.

Aeration: We perform core aeration to alleviate soil compaction, improve air and water penetration, and stimulate root growth. Aeration enhances the overall health and resilience of your lawn, leading to lush, green turf that thrives in Edmonton's climate.


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