Edmonton Parking Lot Sanding & De-Icing

We offer parking lot sanding services that can be completed after snow removal to prevent any potential slips or falls on ice that may become exposed after the snow has been removed. In addition to that, we also can place sandboxes on your property so that building staff can go and re-sand any icy or black ice covered areas.

Slippery lots can be a dangerous hazard so the combination of snow removal with sand is a great way to improve traction and safety for customers and employees. We also offer de-icing solutions like salt and other melting agents for improved usability.

If you’re looking for quality sanding services give our team a call for a free estimate. Allstar Cleaning is well-equipped to handle all of your parking lot cleaning and sweeping requirements, as well as Edmonton commercial snow removal.

Edmonton Parking Lot Sanding FAQ

We’ve provided the answers to some common questions about our parking lot sanding services. For any other questions please call our team or request a callback!

We offer reliable 24/7 dispatch to handle any developing weather systems. We know it’s important for our clients to have their lots cleared and sanded as soon as possible. Combine sanding with our parking lot snow removal services to keep your parking lot customer-friendly all winter.

These are both useful to tackle slippery conditions but due to the particular cold weather in the Edmonton region – sanding is often a more effective way to increase traction for drivers and pedestrians.

We recommend sanding after each new snow clearing operation to ensure optimal traction. Fluctuating temperatures from warm to cold can also create new ice and hazard that require fresh sanding.

Our fleet of sanding trucks is used for the bulk of sanding operations but tighter spaces can require smaller specialized equipment.

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